Kingdom Come

by Swallowed Alive

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released August 4, 2017



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Swallowed Alive

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Relinquish all the memories of your life
Submit yourself to the false prophet
Worship all false idols
Breathing in new life to fulfill my duties to you, I shall obey, I shall obey, brainwashed servants

Cult leader I shall follow thee
Lead us astray
Taught to follow, and never question
Wasting away
Suffocated by the masses
Brought down to nothing
Never learning, and slowly withered
Sacrificing anything for you

Cult leader I won't follow thee
Question everything

Breaking free of life's shackles
I will never be a slave to you

But I still follow
Unwillingly, against the grain
Oh god can you even help me?

Time wastes away
And I still question everything
Who do I follow?
Who do I even believe?

The time is now
To follow through with you
No turning back, no other way
It's time for you to waste away
Feel the horrors build as your time has finally come
No more deception, no more questions
It's time for you to waste away

Now the masses build around me
Looking for someone with the truth
I'll stand above them, I shall lead them
Cult leader I have become thee